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On the combination of integrated operational amplifier and integrated power amplifier

Issuing time:2021-12-24 08:52

Cheng operational amplifier and integrated power amplifier are two kinds of devices that novice enthusiasts and student enthusiasts like to use. They have many varieties, different performance, and different sound quality and timbre. How to match and combine the above two types of devices in order to make the best use of them, give full play to their respective advantages and create a good performance price ratio is a problem worthy of discussion.

Although the author has accumulated some experience in the course of fever in recent years, he also has a considerable number of audio devices in stock. There are many integrated operational amplifiers and integrated power amplifiers, including the early fever operational amplifiers LM833N, ne5532n, ne5535n and the recent popular op275g, lt1057 and ad827jn. Integrated power amplifiers are some well-known models, such as tda1514a, lm1875t, lm1876tf, lm3886tf and early ta2030a. Of course, since the performance of integrated blocks such as jrc4558p, tl072 and tda2030 is not high enough, there is no need to take out research.

The above integrated power amplifiers are finished boards. The components and processes on the boards are exquisite and concise. For the above-mentioned operational amplifiers, because they are standard dual operational amplifiers, only one pre buffer amplification board is used, that is, the one used by ad827 in fine product 1876 in electronic news on June 13, 1999. The components are very exquisite: Dale w gold film resistance, Wima, Elna capacitor, APLS potentiometer, silver plated double-sided board, and the process is also very excellent. The author removed the ad827 and replaced it with a 24K gold-plated operational amplifier socket.

As for the power supply, the operational amplifier uses the servo power supply ± 15V for power supply, and the power amplifier adopts the power supply mode of large ring cattle, double bridge rectification, large pond and small pond electrolysis in turn.

The author also invited several like-minded enthusiasts to comment together. The listening time is still after 7 p.m. in order to have a better environment. The equipment used include Xiaxin's third-generation dvd8058a and huiweidushi 2.1c. The software is still familiar with saxophone, Cai Qin's old songs, Hugo I, etc.

I love 1876, let it take the lead, and replace it with the above six operational amplifiers in turn. Of course, the 827 + 1876 combination used by the author has a good listening feeling and has been highly praised. This matching medium and high frequency has a strong musical flavor, which is smooth, balanced, natural, warm, intoxicating, and the low frequency is clean and easy to retract and play. The combination of op275 + 1876 is slightly worse in high frequency extension sense, slightly blurred in low frequency, and still excellent in medium frequency. The overall feeling is slightly lower than that of ad827. It is the first choice for pursuing cost performance. Although lt1057 is famous, it is not suitable to match with 1876. The problem lies in the timbre, which always gives people the feeling of "cold" and "thin". Similar to ne5532, lm833 has a warm tone, but it has a strong sense of high-frequency burr, and the tail cannot be retracted at low frequency. The noise of 5532 is still slightly larger. As for ne5535, one channel was seriously distorted after replacement. It was estimated that it was damaged, so it withdrew from the comparison. To sum up, for the lm1876 power amplifier, the ad827 can achieve high performance, while the op275 has high cost performance.

Next, we put on the lm3886, which is very similar to the 1876 and has a higher power. I still feel better with ad827. Op275, ne5532 and lm833 have little difference after use, but the low frequency of op275 is better, which may be related to its 22V / MS conversion rate. Lt1057 still embodies the characteristics of heavy metal flavor. This combination makes people feel good for home theater, dynamic and powerful. In particular, the section [Kiev gate] of the picture exhibition in Hugo I is very majestic.

The ad827 is not very prominent in lm1875, which is a famous power amplifier. The lt1057 is human-made, with overall balance, moderate timbre, rich high and low frequencies, and proper handling of music details. In particular, the background music triangle accompaniment in Kenny G Sax's spring breeze is clear and pleasant outside the grid. Ne5532 and op275 are also good together with 1875. In particular, 5532 is cheap and good. It has the same conversion rate as 1875. There is no "bottleneck" problem of speed. It makes the best use of everything and is worth recommending. Lm833 is slightly worse.

For 1514a, because it is a "Lengyan" power amplifier, it is difficult to get along with lt1057. Among other operational amplifiers, ad827 and op275 are better. Ne5532 and lm833 can also be matched with it, but the if is always unsatisfactory. In comprehensive consideration, 1514a and op275 can be the first choice. Although there is nothing outstanding, they are also in line with the rules.

Although the TDA2030A unveiled is a yellow flower of yesterday, it has a large number in the society, and it is still used in a considerable number of computer active speakers. Our suggestions can be used as a reference for 2030a users. We recommend using ne5532 or lm833. It is enough to match them with 2030a. There is no need to pursue the other three models. From the sense of hearing, the difference is very small.

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